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My name is Alexei Kourbatov. I started the JavaScripter.net website in 1999, when I was an independent consultant/programmer and lived in Moscow, Russia. For quite a while, Web programming has been my main occupation and hobby at the same time. In October 2000, I accepted a full-time job offer from an American company and moved to the United States. (That's why I do not take orders for custom scripting anymore, sorry...)

Please send your comments and suggestions regarding this Web site to alexei@kourbatov.com. Also, I welcome questions related to the JavaScript FAQ section of this Web site.

I have diverse interests in the field of intormation technology. As of December 2007, I am a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in SQL Server 2005 and a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) - Database Administrator.

Previously, I also earned the following certifications from the BrainBench.com certification authority: Web Developer (BCIP), JavaScript, HTML 4.0, RDBMS Concepts, Programmer/Analyst Aptitude, Business Communication, Written English, Information Technology Terminology, ASP, C#, and several others.

Certified JavaScript Programmer

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